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Teenagers having a Job at 14 (Essay Sample)


It iS about if 14- year Old Teenagers should Hold Jobs


14- year Old Teenagers Holding Jobs
I think teenagers 14-years of age, although still minors, should be allowed to hold light jobs. According to the International Labour Organization fundamental Minimum Age Convention Number 138 of 1973, the relevant selected instruments set the minimum age at 13 years for light work employment admission. The same organization floats a possibility for the minimum age, in general, to be fixed at 14 years in developing nations, nations whose economy is not stable and have inadequate educational facilities. A blanket solution application is not viable as it depends on whether the teenagers are in developed or developing nations (International Labour Organization).
Adhering to International Labour stipulations, teenagers holding jobs will not be classified as child labour. Teenage work participation is essential as they can gain valuable experience and expertise; it aides their development while improving family welfare. Being productive members at such a young age in society prepares them for the responsibilities of adulthood. The activities that the teenagers should take part in include: lending a helping hand to their parents at home and family business, if any, activities like marketing on Amazon that helps them generate income/pocket money during holidays and outside school (International Labour Organization). The internet provides numerous opportunities that allow teenagers to work, for instance, influencing, but their protection from online bullying is paramount.
Admitting teenagers to employment should follow both local and international stipulated laws and guidelines. Heavy work and hazardous working conditions are harmful to all children and affect their social/moral life and physical and mental well-being. In addition, if it’s not appropri

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