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Meaning of Life and Its Purpose to Human Existence (Essay Sample)




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Meaning of life and purpose
What is the meaning of life? Philosophers give their understanding of this topic in numerous ways. Some admit that life has meaning, while some deny the meaning of life. The search for the meaning of life has resulted in several philosophical, scientific, and theological and, more specifically, the metaphysical conceptualization of the topic. Some address this topic from a soul-centered view, the idea that there must be something that controls life beyond the physical world, which gives essences beyond the physical existence. There are the 'naturalists' that also explain everything purely on the material world, either subjectively or objectively. The essay attempts to understand how much one can understand when life begins, what it means, and its purpose.
The philosophers describe life as an aspect of existence that involves actions, reactions, and evaluation of those actions that evolve through growth. Life is the use of energy for the physical and conscious development of a person. Different philosophers have varying thoughts on what life is. Some subscribe to happiness, and others think of it in the sense of existence like Aristotle. Some believe that the meaning of life is grounded on the pursuit of knowing what an individual is capable of. Plato calls it amnesia (George and Crystal 214). The meaning of life has been explained differently from the philosophical and religious engagements. There are those people that will say it blankly that life has no meaning.
To understand the meaning of life, one can view it from the scientific perspective that bases its explanation on the rational cognitive levels. The scientist explains the meaning of life through either evolution or genetics. Going genetic way has offered more chances to inquire into the meaning of life. The scientific basis can involve many philosophical queries to get to the root of what life means. The first philosophical encounter would be; does life begin with birth or at conception? Where does it entail in totality? Throughout the history of science and philosophy, several answers have been offered to specify the start of life (Nagel 214). However, there is no definite answer that has ever been offered by both philosophers and scientists alike that is all-inclusive. The scientists argue that life begins at conception, while philosophers believe that life begins at birth. They argue that ‘existence’ and ‘life’ should not be conceived to have the same meaning. Scientists believe that life starts 

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