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Economic Functions of the European Union (Essay Sample)


Paper that can have a process, comparison, and/or contrast or classification organizational pattern.


Academic Outline
Introduction/Background: The outline addresses four major functions of the European Union
Audience: Classroom
Context: Functions of the European Union
Time: Relevant in Current Year (2021)
Topics: The European Union
Functions of the European Union
Thesis: Since its formation, the European Union (EU) has unified member states of the European continent and created a unified market, enhanced diplomacy and security both domestically and internationally, disbanded border territories for easy traveling and trading, and developed policies that protect the environment among member states and champion against climate change.
Body 1: The EU has created a unified market and harmonized the economic blocs of its member states into one influential economic bloc. With this unified bloc, member states can compete in the international market competitively and exert significant influence on the global economy (The European Commission). This bloc has also ensured accurate commodities pricing and enhanced free trade opportunities among member states to foster ec

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