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Absolute and Relative Poverty, Sex and Gender, and Racism (Essay Sample)


address the following questions in at least two paragraph (5-6 sentences each). a. Define Absolute and Relative poverty. Why was poverty not considered to be a social problem for so long, and how has that affected the way in which those living in poverty were viewed by society? Identify and discuss the four social structures that influence poverty? b. Discuss the difference between Sex and Gender. How does the media contribute to gender socialization? Identify the five myths associated with homosexuality. How do these myths contribute to the negative sanctions that they receive c. Discuss the three forms of everyday racism and give an example for each. How does each social institution contribute to the issues of race, racism and the quality of life.


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Poverty is lacking a usual amount of money or material possessions. There is relative poverty and absolute poverty. Relative poverty is when people cannot afford to engage with society and gain from the activities that many take for granted. In addition, absolute poverty is the condition where a person does not have any financial ways to acquire commodities to sustain life. Poverty was not considered a social problem for long because it was considered something usual, making poor people unimportant to society (Compassion International, par 4). Racism is a social structural factor that influences poverty because different races are considered to possess specific characteristics, qualities and abilities, making other people appear inferior. Secondly, there is discrimination according to gender, known as sexism. Third, segregation. People of different colors are given 

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