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Anthropology - Film and Research Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


1.) Watch Film: Cannibal Tours - 1988 - Dennis O'Rourke
2.) Use MLA format (single space).
3.) Use five sources (use 2 journal articles).
4.) Incorporate culture and culture change.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Cannibal Tours
Cannibal tours by Dennis O Rourke provide a view of the western elite through the movie's representation of tourists from Europe who visit a village in New Guinea in search of a fantasy. The movie is an ethnographic film which represents the differences between primitive and modern societies by looking at the way the tourist try to associate with the natural way of life with the local villagers who are struggling to be part of the contemporary world introduced to them through colonial rule. The film provides accounts of the cultural exchange taking place in the village, which is ethnocentric nature as the privileged white person who views the culture of the villagers. The viewer of the film gets an invitation to the world view of the producer, and the viewer can construct a storyline and interpret the movie based on the dominant themes explicitly shown throughout the film. The paper is an anthropological analysis of the film Cannibal tours and a reflection of ethnocentrism and economic manipulation that plagued the interactions between the two cultures in the movie.

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