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Should Government Allow To Carry Concealed Weapons On Campus Ground? (Essay Sample)


Should workers, professors and students be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus ground

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Carrying Concealed Weapons on Campus Campuses develop rules that are applicable in their institution with some allowing and others banning gun possession on campus ground. Gun possession on campuses jeopardizes the measures put in place to offer security in the institution. Possessing a concealed weapon on campus ground creates the notion that security matters can only be handled as an individual problem leaving persons without concealed weapons exposed to various risks. Students, professors, and other college employees should not be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus. Carrying a concealed weapon is only permitted after vigorous tests and requirements are fulfilled. Gun possession and the permit to take it around attracts some expenses. These requirements mean that not all people can afford to carry a gun. Besides, the presence of weapons can be interpreted and perceived as an indication that people are ready to partake in violence. When violence occurs, and people are armed, there is an increased possibility that the violence will be worse than it would be in the absence of weapons. For instance, there are several cases of legally owned and carried guns going off accidentally leading to injuries. Gun violence has also been reported in many campuses prompting a majority of the campuses to ban carrying of a concealed weapon on campus grounds. There is also enough research to indicate that weapons in a campus setting are likely to interfere with learning activities as well as other operations of the institutions("Campus Carry: The Movement To Allow Guns On College Grounds, Explained"). Advocating for people not to carry concealed weapons on campus grounds has been argued against by many stakeholders in the US. Ownership and possession of weapons is a right that is enshrined in the US constitution. Campuses that ban carrying of concealed guns on their grounds are argued to be breaching this right. American citizens, also, have developed a strong culture that revolves around gun ownership and possession. This is indicated by the 2nd Amendment of the constitution that makes it legal to own and possess arms. It, thereby, appears to be a violation of culture that campuses deny people to carry concealed weapons on campus ground. Also, people in institutions that have allowed persons to take concealed weapons on campus have put in place measures to ensure that these weapons are carried responsibly. This is in addition to the vigorous tests and assessments that owning and being allowed to take weapons such as a gun requires one to partake in. Consequently, it does not appear rational to limit the carrying of concealed weapons in campus (Patten, 2013). People in support of carrying weapons on campus ground argue that in case there is a need for one to protect themselves, they will have the means to achieve it. This perception has gotten more support seeing that there is an increase in random mass shootings in educational facilitie...
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