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Should College Employees Be Allowed to Carry Concealed Weapons on Campus? (Essay Sample)


Whether the carrying of guns on campus is justifiable.

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Should College Employees Be Allowed to Carry Concealed Weapons on Campus? One of the most debated issues in America is whether teachers and other college officials should carry weapons at school. Due to the increased cases of shooting in campuses, various states have proposed policies to allow professors and students to carry firearms (Jang, Dierenfeldt, and Lee, 304). Proponents who support the use of guns on campus argue that it will minimize the level of crime targeting the students, whereas those against it claim that it may lead to a surge in the mass shooting (Jang, Dierenfeldt, and Lee, 305). Despite the increased contest amongst various advocates, the employees in colleges should not carry weapons on campus since it could increase the level of violence, cause more fatalities whenever there is an attack, and adversely affect the learning environment. The state governments should ban the carrying of weapons on campuses since it could lead to a surge in public crime. The employees, students, and other college employees have a different background, and, therefore, some of the guns would end up being used by criminals. The issue of accidents, theft of firearms, robberies could increase and cause more harm in colleges. The incidences of rapes might rise if the students and college staff are allowed to use weapons (Biastro, Larwin, and Carano, 5). Therefore, rather than arming the students, employees, and other campus employees with concealed weapons, governments should allocate adequate resource to minimize the school shootings. The other reason for outlawing the carrying of guns by college staff and students is to reduce the fatalities whenever there is an attack. If a crisis takes place in a learning institution, there is a high likelihood of losing innocent lives due to the numerous wielding of guns and shooting that would take place. Consequently, when the police arrive at the crime scene, there would be a high risk of mistaken identity due to the innocent personnel holding the firearms (Biastro, Larwin, and Carano, 4). The students, teachers, and other campus staff undergo minimal training, and the students and employees might lose their lives in the disarray (Biastro, Larwin, and Carano, 4). Therefore, state governments should not allow guns on campuses to avoid unnecessary deaths since the students and teachers have little experience concerning weapons. Implementing the holding of firearms policy on campuses would affect the learning environment and, hence it should be banned. Colleges provide a setting through which students gain knowledge, and the debate of carrying firearms should not arise since it would affect their concentration (Biastro, Larwin, and Carano, 4). Besides, the carrying of guns in learning institutions would increase the fear amongst the employees and students that the campuses are unsafe which could adversely affect their level of performance. The teachers and students would not feel safe in ...
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