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Environmental statistics: Methodological work, Data collection, Coordination and Capacity development (Essay Sample)


the task is all about environmental statistics

Name Institution Professor’s name Date Environmental statistics An environment and be described as a general surrounding, that has both external and also the internal components. We as human beings also belong to the part or the components of an environment. These internal and external components make the general statistics of the environment. According to the environmental statistics here are some of the aspects that must be taken into consideration in order to make the correct environmental statistics. They include the following; * Methodological work * Data collection * Coordination * Capacity development Methodological work This is the work that must be done in order to make the statistics. This kind of work must be very well arranged or in other words it must follow some methods. These methods must come up with the correct statistics. It includes the defamations, frameworks, data management and also data compilation, they all have to be methodical. Data collection This is the most important of the statistics, because after every methodical work out here must be that results that must be presented and this is what we refer to as data collection. There are different methods of collecting this statistical data in the environment; this can be widely used with a lot of care to protect the environment also. Coordination General coordination of the enviro...
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