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Virtue Ethicists: A Firm Footing In Directing The Lives Of People (Essay Sample)



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Virtue Ethicists
Virtue ethics stems from philosophies that emphasize morality arises from the identity and character of an individual, rather than a reflection of their actions. Socrates is the forefather of virtue ethicists, and Aristotle and Plato expanded the scope of his work. Virtue ethics influence social values which originate from individual characters that cumulate into how entire societies treat each other creating the needed foundation of community values. Virtue ethics diffuses to several facets of the social order directing societal values.
Aristotle one of the greatest minds that lived believed that particular virtues working together enable a person to perform their duties. He divided virtue ethics into two facets moral and intellectual highlighting them as the primary drivers to achieve sought-after results (Crisp 23). Aristotle further describes moral virtues as those driven by two parallel wants of excess and deficiency. An intellectual attribute in a definition is a mental skill which enables the mind to decide what is right or wrong (Crisp 31).
Virtue ethics promotes no sense of benevolence to the community and the surrounding, just to oneself. Utilitarianism comes to light in virtue ethics since actions are measured extrinsically rather than in intrinsic value. Virtue ethics directs individuals to realize greater pleasure through improving oneself and growing virtuous (Curzer 55). The more a person works towards self-improvement, the higher the level of satisfaction that is achievable. The behavior of focusing on oneself is alive in today society as it was in the past, earning virtue ethics a firm footing in directing the lives of people across various communities (Curzer 58).
Cultural conflicts are a norm across all societies, and it primarily occurs because of differences in opinions of the individuals or communities involved. The level of conflict varies based on the emotion solicited from the issue that causes the divided opinion. Aristotle argues that individuals can live without being duty bound to any faction. Consequently, self-reliance results in conflicts since every party are interested in achieving happiness and satisfaction from their set objectives. Aristotle points out that virtue ethics enables individuals to amicably resolve cultural disputes allowing a human being to flourish in their environment (Curzer 62).
Child marriage is a contentious topic that solicits a wide range of opinions. Many groups and movements argue for direct intervention in stopping the social vice, while some argue for no need of any intervention. A virtue ethicist might not support direct intervention since they hold onto the conviction that the character and beliefs of a person influence their actions. A virtue ethicist will expect for the prob...
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