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The Explaining Why The Space Exploration Is A Waste Of Resources (Essay Sample)


uSING MLA WRITING STYLE, EXPLAIN WHY Space Exploration Is A Waste of Resources. I NEED 4 CITATIONS.

Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: Space Exploration as A Waste of Resources Space exploration is a continues ongoing exploration and discovery of structures that exist on the space through advanced technology. The process of space exploration is very expensive and its research is developed among developed country like the United State of America and the Soviet Union. The space astronauts and scientist use the modern technology like space crafts, support infrastructure, satellites and procedures to explore the space. However, despite advancement of technology as a nation and internationally space exploration has a lot of limitation and waste of resources. Space exploration requires a lot of money to purchase space exploration equipment such as space crafts, satellites, scientific materials. The money that is used to carry out this research out the earth instead should be used to cater for the basic needs of common people who are still suffering and starving in life (Catchpole 118).The basic needs for human should always come first and should be addressed first. A lot of money is used on technology instead of using the same amount to feed people who are starving on the globe due to hanger, cater for their health crisis, shelter and other basic needs. Therefore, space exploration is a desire and not a basic need and should not be addressed before satisfying the human needs. Another point is that space exploration has no direct benefit to people. The scientist who explore the space bring nothing of important to people only pictures from space which has no benefit to people at all. However, the scientist could give this pictures and by products at lower cost if at all space was removed from in existence(Harvey 25). However, more advances in the space brings us a lot of irrelevant why develop some materials to use in space instead of developing on the earth to help people. For instance, developing a rocket that is used in the moon instead something could have been developed to help people on the earth. Also, people waste a lot of time inventing in the space while the earth itself is not fully explored. The nation like the USA engaged with space exploration just to look better and compete with Russia Union but not for any other help. There is other valuable thing on the earth which can be explored such as volcanic regions and other inhabitable organism which need more attention than space. The knowledge obtained from the earth especially of living organism that inhabit places with unique and extreme conditions could be of benefit to us if we do research on this kind of things instead of space. Space exploration is hazardous to our planet. Climatic changes such as global warming resulting from waste of space exploration pose a big danger to peoples’ health (Panagiotarakou 48). A lot of money is used to handle global warming issues which is a result of something that is controllable. Our planet should be the first to explore and make it a better place instead of wasting and risking our life’s’ on space issues. Global warming results to death of many people due to poisonous gases from atmosphere and this is as a result of space activities. Therefore, we should take care of earth first before engaging with other space activities. Furthermore, space exploration causes fatal disasters and loss of life when this mission fails. According to research of NASA an organization that study climate if the mission of astronauts fails it leads to death. Also, the space crafts and rockets when they crash will lead to loss of capital that was used for preparation of that mission(Space Exploration 67). Therefore, the money the money collected from taxpayers go into waste when all this mission fails and also loss of life. Also, the poverty level in people continues to increase due to poor management of this resources. Space exploration also causes delay of other projects that are much of benefit to us than space. A lot of billions is devoted to space instead of investing projects such as Education, Health and other economic projects which are more sensitive to human life’s. Time spe...
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