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Kuhn's Reply to Charges of Relativism Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


QUESTION: How does Kuhn reply to charges of relativism? Is his reply adequate? Why or why not?
General Instructions
Approximately 2 pages double space. Due Monday 4/17/18 at Canvas. Parenthetical references are recommended for primary texts, such as (Kuhn, p. 42). I recommend that you do not use any secondary sources, but if you do, they must be cited, using some standard citation format. Include a word count at the bottom of your paper.
Be sure to answer all of the elements of the question given above. Be specific and concrete. Take a stand and argue for it, presenting good reasons for your position. Go beyond mere repetition of material presented in class, but not to sources outside the readings assigned. All the papers are expected to be argumentative and analytical. You will be graded on how clearly, succinctly and accurately you can formulate the positions of the authors read, and how well you define the philosophical issues involved. You will be expected to formulate a position and construct arguments in its favor, and be graded on how persuasive the argument is. You will also be expected to go beyond the material in the texts and lectures and present your own original reflections on the issues raised in the topic of the papers.
University Policy on Academic Honesty and Integrity
Students must adhere strictly to the Honor Code of the University of San Francisco which is available on the Canvas site for this course as well as the University of San Francisco website. Adherence to standards of the Honor Code precludes engaging in, causing, or knowingly benefiting from any aspect of cheating on assignments or examinations including but not limited to: (1) giving or receiving unauthorized information and materials; (2) plagiarism (intentionally representing the words or ideas of another person as your own); (3) failure to properly cite references or manufacturing references; (4) working with another person when independent work is required
You must use some standard citation method when you quote or summarize the view of any author. Also, while I encourage you to discuss the assignment with other students in the class, you must write your own answer, and you must not show your written answer to other students until after the assignment has been turned in. Violations of the honor code will result in a zero on the assignment and a report to the Administration as a minimum penalty.

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Kuhn’s Reply to Charges of Relativism
Kuhn was accused in regards to some quarters of repudiating the rationality of science, an aspect that saw him ailed in other elements as the prophet of the new phase of relativism. However, these thoughts lack equinity, given the fact that Kuhn directly addresses these issues. Before conducting a diagnosis of Kuhn's perceptions of science, there is a need to develop a foundational understanding of the element of relativism. Relativism, in this case, can be viewed in several ways (Kuhn 22). According to this perception, there are no independent procedures and processes to determine a rational choice over truth and knowledge but preferably based on the perceptions that truth and knowledge are based on cultural, social, and historical situations within a paradigm.
Kuhn’s arguments are not backed by theories, which according to science, are accurate and legit as their predictions, broad scope, consistency, and the presented phenomena that is married to coherence in suggesting the relationships between different elements. Kuhn in light of this subscribes to a fivefold school of thought which he shares with the community of scientists on his perspective as a rationalist. Kuhn in his perspective questions the rationale behind the theory of choice (Kuhn 23). According to his view, it is unjustifiable to discourse with an investigator who has chosen an approach to work within scope. Initiates ad postdocs entering graduate school are forced to choose the lab that will aid them in the mastery of their trade but not the choice of theory.
Many have termed Kuhn’s response to the charges of relativism as mundane, citing that his perspective is limited to some extent. In my view, I perceive that this response was adequate give that Kuhn gives an account of different people and their varied perspective on the concept of reality, thus establishing that these diverse viewpoints may be justified. According to Kuhn, the relativist and the skeptics are biased. In this regard, it is evident to determine that Kuhn’s skepticism on science is not a relative concept (Kuhn 24). One of the fundamental things in the charges of relativism remains in the fact that Kuhn denies the progress and developments witnessed in the field of science as real progress and alleges that this is mere information.
The relativist perspective is hedged on the perception that no view can be validated since different people hold on to various perception...
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