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The Chinese Expereince in the Americas. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


This paper explains the lives of Chinese citizens in the Americas. what brought them to America, working conditions, and their regular lifestyles in different American cities.


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The Chinse Experience in the Americas
Most historians attribute slavery in the Americas to the sugar trade. African slaves were the most predominant form of free labor in plantations across the Caribbean for hundreds of years. However, the mid-nineteenth century saw a change in the labor sector in farms by introducing the Chinese and South Asian men. The Chinese who left Asia searching for better lives were mainly poor peasants and laborers who experienced the wrath of the difficult political and social struggles in China and East Asia. Most of them left Asia in search of gold and employment in rail gangs in Europe and America. Since the Chinese are now part of American society, it is imperative to assess experiences that forced them into the capitalist country and their experiences living in New York City and California.
Although incorporating Asians into the American capitalist economy may have been problematic, China did not present any problems to the United States in the incorporation process. Compared to the core countries, China was weak, and the core countries could have incorporated it without much struggle. During the expansion of the textile and the opium markets, China had resisted them, but the resistance caused the opium war of 1840 to 1842, which China lost (So & Alvin 92).

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