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Contemporary Child Developmental Theories (Essay Sample)


Write a well-developed paragraph addressing the following prompt. Compare and Contrast contemporary child development theorists in chapter 1. What pieces of theory/which theorists do you relate to? Why? How do you apply these theories in a classroom?
Client: I chose BIOETHICAL theory. Bioecological is what I relate to. The other theories in chapter one are Cognitive Development Theory, Psychoanalytic, and Psychosocial Theory.


Developmental Theories
One of the differences in developmental models is the different causes theorists use to explain child development. For instance, Freud suggests that development is unconscious. Thus, an individual’s behavior results from inner forces that are beyond their control. Unlike Freud, Erikson uses social interaction. Erikson asserts that a child’s social activity determines how they develop. On the other hand, Piaget suggested that a child’s cognitive function determines their development. He concluded that cognition is essential in a child’s development because children think differently from adults. Bronfenbrenner’s theory is similar to Erikson’s. However, it expands the psychosocial model. Bronfenbrenner finds that several factors determine a child’s development. They include family, school, cultural values, work, laws, and customs. One of the main similarities in the theories is the use of stages to explain development. Piaget described a child’s development through four phases. Erikson believed that all children go through eight stages of social development. Bronfenbrenner’s concept includes four sub-systems. The theory I relate to is the bioecological theory. The reason is that many factors affect growth besides sex, social interaction, and c

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