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New York City and the NYC Ferry (Essay Sample)


2. Write a 3 pages’ essay about what defines New York City, referencing at least one of the texts we’ve read in an interesting and novel way.
There are four articles in the second pages. You can choose one of them.
Note: You’re free to make your own route. One possible route might be to take the subway to Bowling Green or Battery Park and walk North along the East coast of Manhattan. You’ll see the ferries and old wharves (you’ll miss the South Street Seaport, though, which you may want to explore). When you get almost to Wall Street–having walked around most of the old New Amsterdam, jump onto an East River ferry at Pier 11. Ferries are the cost of a subway fare and you can take it all the way to Gantry State Park in Long Island City. You’ll pass under most of the East River bridges and you’ll have both Whitman’s “democratic vistas” from Brooklyn as well as Knickerbocker’s Old New York and Melville’s ships and scrivner shops.


New York City
The city of New York, popularly known as New York City, is the biggest in the United States. It is the most populous, with about 8,537,673 people as of 2016. The city is well known as the heart of the United States, as it is defined by its great impact on finance, commerce, art, media, fashion, technology, research, education, and entertainment. Most people want to live in New York because of the diversity of the experiences there. The city is also believed to have many opportunities for each person and is, therefore, the place everyone runs to. In my description of how I view the city, I will look at it in terms of the architecture and the alternative, specifically using the NYC Ferry.
If you want to see the city of New York well, please use the NYC ferry. In New York, there are various options to travel from one part of the city to another. The Ferry service was only launched a few months ago, so many people still do not know about it. The ferry is a good idea other than the inexistence of the fare-sharing with the MTA. This means one must pay an additional fee other than a MetroCard. In this regard, it will not be my regular commuting method even though I live close to one of the stops on its route.
That aside, the ferry is amazing and the most beautiful way to travel through NYC. Recently, I tested the South River route between Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Statute of Liberty, and Wall Street. It was a sunny and extremely clear day, and you can only imagine the ride. The whole route starts Lower Manhattan over to Dumbo, North Brooklyn, Queens, and Midtown. If you love

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