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Contemporary Society Social Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


The essay examines the government of Australia and how the Queen system still has an influence in its form of operations.


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Contemporary Australian Society
Australia has a government that is distinct in its mode of operation. It is known as democratic constitutional monarchy because of how is structured. The structure covers six states and has two distinct territories that have other territories governing themselves. There are different bodies in the Australian government namely; the Parliamentary government, the parliament, the executive government, and the judiciary. Besides its form of government, Australia has a diversity of people. The majority of them about 75% have an ancestry other than Australia. Only 3% identified themselves as Torres strait Islanders, Aboriginal, or both. An average number, around 46% have at least one of the parents born overseas. Australian society is one that values respect, freedom of religion, tolerance, and compassion. All the attributes including but not limited to the Australian form of government, the behavior, culture, and values of its people are what give the uniqueness and mark the identity of the Australian people.
The parliamentary government via the Federal Government establishes the constitution. The three arms of government include the judiciary, executive and the Parliament form the central feature of the Australian government. That is the identity and its uniqueness. But it indicates a borrowing from the British government. There is the separation of powers recognized by the Australian government. The role of the legislative is to make laws and the executive is to enforce and carry out the laws. The judiciary interprets and gives a judgment on where and how the law applies in particular cases. The reason as to why power was separated is so that Australia can avoid an oppressive regime. The three arms of government are there to ensure that they are the body that accomplishes the task that has been given. The ministers who are drawn from the Parliament are subject to the scrutiny of other members of the Parliament.

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