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Could Third Parties Determine This Election? (Essay Sample)

whether 3rd party candidates could determine the US elections source..
Name Professor Title Date [] Could Third Parties Determine This Election? This debate which was on the possibility of the 3rd party candidates influencing the election is dated on the 27th July 2016. The debate foresees a situation whereby the other candidates other than the two major candidates can influence the election especially in their favour. This is due to the controversies that surround each of them. These are the: libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, and the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein whom voters are now looking at as an alternative. Hillary Clinton has scandals related with the DNC emails and the state department email scandal (Tom & Helderman, Trump on the hand is not short of controversies, as per David Graham, his businesses are full of fraud and litigation suits. This is In addition to the controversies surrounding Trump institute and Trump University which are related to him (the Theresa Amato thinks that the libertarian support has grown since trump won the nomination. The green party nominee on the other side has also labelled Clinton with 3W which has raised the awareness of the reality of how bad each of the candidates for the major parties are. The only bigger problem is the 3rd party candidates being blocked by the common on presidential debates which requires 15% and is...
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