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Effect of a Plant-based Diet on Cholest (Essay Sample)


The task was developing a research proposal with a research design and methodology on a topic within the medicine sector. This sample is about effects of a plant-based diet on cholesterol levels. The document advocates for a healthier and well informed nation on healthy diet.

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Effects of a Plant-based Diet on Cholesterol Levels
There is ample evidence sprouting across the medical community affirming that going green could aid in bringing down the cholesterol levels in blood that cause coronary Artery infection, high blood pressure, obesity, heart attacks, and other circumstances and diseases that are widespread across America (Coulston et al. 46). All this takes is a simple change in diet. Since high blood pressure is a pertinent disease that claims many American lives, this very vital and significant issue distresses many Americans and affects not only adults, but also children across the country. While earlier studies suggest that plant-based diets have many benefits, more in-depth research still needs to be done particularly in the American context and on high fiber full grain diets (Coulston et al. 46). Given that this study advocates for a healthier and more informed nation and way of life, the following research study proposal is aimed at giving detail and in-depth evidence for these claims. The study seeks to identify how diet and lifestyle affects cholesterol levels by evaluating the effect of a high fiber full grain diet on LDL and HDL levels in the body.
The study will make use of mixed method research that seeks to focus on study questions that call for real life background understandings, multi-level viewpoints, and cultural influences. The method employs both quantitative and qualitative measures and integrates multiple methods to draw conclusive analysis (Creswell et al. 23). While this may be time consuming and expensive, mixed methodology offers concrete evidence through in depth analysis of the problem at hand.
Sample population
The study targets a population of 220 adults residing in American households. In addition, key informants from nutritional agencies (CBO/FBOs, NGOs, and Government Organizations) operating in the US will be purposively chosen to take part in this study.
Sampling procedure
A random sample of 140 respondents in American households will provide information on the implications of dietary patterns such as a high fiber full grain diet on LDL and HDL levels in the body. In addition, 80 key informants from the study area, either directly involved in investigating the effect of a high fiber full grain diet on cholesterol levels in the body, with the fight against hypertension, or personally affected by the practice are to be sampled through purposive sampling technique. Purposive sampling of hypertension patients presents a sample that is extremely representative of the population under study. Further, secondary data in terms of reports and records of dietary patterns and high blood pressure will be sought from health agencies and relevant authorities.
Data collection
The study will collect both quantitative and qualitative primary data from the respondents. In the study, data will be collected through interview questionnaires and focused group discussions. The questionnaire will be comprised of a section seeking to verify elementary issues as well as the demographic traits of the respondent while the subsequent s...
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