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Student Learning Outcomes for Gender Studies (Essay Sample)


the paper addresses the wider aspect of gender studies.

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Student Learning Outcomes for Gender Studies
Course Description
The course examines on approaches the students will take to understand the general principles of gender studies. The course will familiarize them with the concepts and investigative questions of gender and sexuality in human experience. The approach taken will observe and discuss how other disciplines such as sociology, political science, history and literature have been influential to gender studies. The application of principles of gender studies to specific research will be underlined. The course work will enhance promotion of analytical skills to be impaired on the students. In the spirit of teamwork, students will do presentation in groups and offer group discussion. The learning shall embody aspects of preparing the students to be in a position of producing not only empirical but also theoretical responses to gender based problems. Last but not least, aspects of critical and comparative analyses of gender studies and related questions shall be covered.
Learning Outcomes
This course aims to introduce students to articulate matters related to gender studies. Essentially Students will begin to develop an understanding of how gender perspectives are informed by the social location and the spatial realities of thinkers and activists alike. By the end, students will be able to articulate their own gender perspective.
Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
Demonstrate a critical understanding of major theoretical and empirical approaches to gender studies.
Train the students on approaches of research in regard to the subject matter.
Produce rational reasoned arguments in class work and discussions on gender topics.
Show an understanding of a comparative and critical approach to studying gender. Such an approach should demonstrate an advanced understanding of social inequalities, social change and cultural diversity in regard to gender.
Be able to effectively make use of library and other information sources to research relevant theoretical and empirical material.
To be able to prepare class and research material for participating in discussions and seminars
To be able to learn, research with little supervision.
To be able to assemble sets of critical tools and concepts drawn from gender and feminist studies
Highlight the basic sociological concepts and be able to distinguish sex from gender
Note feminism and its branches; liberal feminism; socialist feminism; radical feminism; multicultural and global feminism; ecofeminism
Differentiate aspects of gender stratification in regards to men and women's unequal access to power, prestige, and property on the basis of their sex.
To be able to articulate examinations orally and in writing.
Required texts
Barry, P (2002) Beginning Theory. An Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory. Manchester. Manch...
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