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Integrate your views/ideas (Essay Sample)


For this assignment, use the essay from the book DIALOGUES BY GARY GOSHGARIAN AND KATHLEEN KRUEGER.text: \'What\'s Wrong with Vocational School?\' pp.444-447 as well as the handout packet-reprints. Support your points and use direct quotes and paraphrase as well as intext citation. BACKGROUND: The idea for this paper is to merge(1)your ideas/views and(2)information from the articles. Your paper should include some quotes from the sources to support your points/argument.(use intext citation for these-Author\'s last name and page#). POINTS TO COVER: Consider why you are at college? What program are you in? Where will it take you in the job market? How do these articles agree or disagree with your ideas/views.FYI: I am in the nursing program STRUCTURE: You must have an introductory paragraph which clearly lists the controlling idea(thesis/topic sentence). What do you want to prove in the paper? The introductory paragraph will also include the authors and titles of the works you will be incorporating into your paper. Your body paragraphs will discuss your views and those of the selected readings.** Use quotes to help support your points and intext citation of those points. ** You need to put your ideas(1)on where you agree and disagree with what the authors say. Have a solid concluding paragraph which wraps up the complete paper. You will have a final page labeled WORKS CITED which will provide the appropriate form for the articles you chose to incorporate for the paper. The article \"What\'s wrong with Vocational School?\" is written by Charles Murray, The wall street journey, January 17,2007 --- link to source

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The Dilemma of Going to College
One of the main reasons for pursuing college studies is to obtain the relevant skills which the employers require to increase one’s chances of securing employment. I am pursuing a nursing program and I hope to secure employment particularly because of the increasing job opportunities for registered nurses. However, although for many people, going to college after high school can be a guarantee that they will be employed, others do not believe in going to college to become successful in life (Goshgarian & Krueger 54). Some people have become successful despite that they did not attend college. The essay uses information various authors on College education such as, Christopher Seward (More Employers are Seeking Workers with College Degrees) and Gary Goshgarian and Kathleen Krueger (Dialogues: An Argument Rhetoric and Reader). The essay further uses material from Charles Murray (What's Wrong with Vocational School?) and George Leef (More College does not Beget more Economic Prosperity). Although college education present valued and preferred by employers thereby prompting many people to seek college education in their quest to become successful, there are those who have become successful without college education; an issue that does not guarantee that those without college education are bound to be successful.
In my view, I believe that going to college is likely to increase the chances of one getting employed due to the changing trends in the job market. This is in-line with Seward’s assertion that “employers increasingly want smarter workers and are filling positions traditionally held by high school graduates with applicants who have college degrees, according to a recent study” (para 1). According to Seward, a CareerBuilder survey of over 2, 600 recruiting managers found that more than 50% employers required candidates to have two-year associate’s degree or higher while 44% require four-year degree or higher (para 2). Seward further cites that 64% of the surveyed hiring managers cited that recruiting more educated employees leads to a higher work quality, 45% of employers cited an increased productivity, and 22% employers associated recruiting college graduates with an increase in revenues (para 7). From these statistics, it is evident that having a college degree increas...
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