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Weekly discusion (Essay Sample)


The task was to discus a number of questions requested by the client. The sample paper submitted in MLA format includes those questions and a short discussion below it.

Date :
Weekly Discussion 5
This law, universally, is accepted for all human beings. For example, ‘Thou shall not kill’ is a categorical imperative, which is universally accepted. If one acts otherwise; he will only be violating the principle hence Kant says that one should act only according to a maxim which he would want to be a universal law.
Hypothetical imperative implies that the means chosen are not subject to judgment by others since it is believed to have been the best, having in mind the conditions then. For example, if sacking an employee was the best thing to do to improve company performance then it is correct or appropriate. Therefore, taking into account the examples provided for both hypothetical and categorical imperative, one realizes that a categorical imperative stands out as a universally accepted principle while the hypothetical imperative is not.
Treating someone as a ‘Means to an end’ simply implies that the person is just used as a ladder to reach an ultimate goal. It means that the person is simply facilitating the process of achieving an expected end. Essentially, the person is being used as a stepping-stone to get to the ultimate goal. Therefore, no consideration or empha...
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