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Human Trafficking in Texas (Essay Sample)


Writing instructions
Students will write an abstract as a prerequisite to the research paper or multimedia presentation which will be graded as a separate assignment (Topics can be found under the research paper submission tab and in the tab below the submission tab for the abstract).
An abstract is a concise accurate statement of the main idea. It should be approximately 150-250 words. Abstracts begin with a one-sentence summary of the main point of your paper or presentation and often introduce the problem the paper explores. Especially for papers based on research, the first sentence (or two) of the abstract announces the subject and scope of the research as well as the problem and your thesis. That's quite a bit of information to condense into a sentence or two, and so the concise statement of the main idea often takes careful revision.
The research paper is The policy assignment is designed for you to take a policy/issue that pertains to Texas, research and analyze it in depth and detail and come up with your own solutions to the issue.
Issue: Human Trafficking
Sources: Any Real and factual Sources


Student’s Name
Human Trafficking in Texas
Human trafficking has become a dire challenge in the United States and, more so, the state of Mexico. Human trafficking happens to people of all walks of life: both the young and the old. It has been a rampant activity happening in Mexico and over the years has been fueled by the proximity of the Mexican border, which takes place in the form of organized crime. Organized crimes are run in hidden that transportation of the vulnerable victims also becomes easy, paving the way for the sporadic increase of this notorious activity globally and, in particular, the state of Mexico. The consequences met by this notorious activity are far-reaching as they lead to physical and emotional torture, a sharp decline of human values, and deterioration in the economies of the geographical regions involved.
Human trafficking is a phenomenon that entails obtaining individuals through recruitment, hiding them, use of force, shipping, and procuring individuals for the sole purpose of enslaving them. It can take different forms, such as child trafficking, sex trafficking, and labor trafficking. A quick review of the human traffic statistics in Texas reveals that in the year 2016, over 300,000 cases of human trafficking were reported in Texas state with the victims coming from all fields. Busch-Armendariz et al. (5) state that nearly 79,000 of the reported cases children and teenage victims of sex trafficking. The report reveals further that there were approximately 234,000 elderlies involved in labor trafficking.
Busch-Armendariz et al. (6) state that criminal groups and individuals in Texas conduct human trafficking. The perpetrators are interested in vulnerable groups within the community. Some of the critical factors contributing to the rise of the crime include advocating for prostitution, sexual abuse, championing involuntary labor, sneaking in humans, and many other associated crimes. Mostly, the crime perpetrators take advantage of the victims' lack and desire for basic needs and emotional and financial instability. The criminal considers human trafficking a money-rewarding activity being the reason the

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