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Sex Trafficking (Essay Sample)


tHE PAPER WANTED TO UNCOVER the prevalence of sex trafficking in countries around the world with a special interest in the united states. The prompt suggests that although women are affected by this vice, men are also under its grip. The paper also asked to uncover the lucrative business behind sex trafficking in the world.


Professor’s name:
Sex Trafficking
Humans are social creatures created to live together. This phenomenon is seen where everyone has a different unique aspect that needs to be incorporated with other unique ones from other people to come up with a unit solid commodity. However, there are challenges that people face as they try to harmoniously due to various factors like background. Such challenges spread is seen in different jurisdictions, thus, making it a global issue. After reading the reading materials on sex trafficking, it dumfounded me that this vice is more real than I thought. This paper will seek to give a reflection of how sex trafficking has been a global vice that affects many other countries inclusive of the United States of America.
Sex trafficking is a very lucrative vice to those who invest in it. It explains why many individuals have become traffickers. Most of the time, the most affected gender is female where women, in general, are enslaved in the prostitution industry for quite a little amount of money for free by force. However, males are there as well. One may think this is a tale but it is happening backyard of some people (Defend innocence). For instance, it is an issue occurring in the U.S. where the country faces international victims' influx. The U.S. also has its homegrown issue of interstate minor sex trafficking. It has been reported from all the American states.
Research on the reading materials has it that approximately 293,000 American young people are currently at risk of becoming prostitutes. This phenomenon is 

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