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Internet (Essay Sample)

Required to explain merits and demerits of education. source..
Student’s name: Instructor: Course name: Date: Why is Internet Good and Bad? The use of internet has raised mixed reactions. Most of the arguments in support of internet use as well as those against its use seem valid. Some people are focused on the positive part of the internet while others are only concerned with its demerits. Several researchers have conducted studies to test the claim. The impact of the internet on the society is generally considered as both positive and negative. The internet has made lives of people better in many ways. For instance, it has facilitated easy communication at the global level. Sharing information with distant people is now considered a problem of the past. Furthermore, people can access information in a more convenient way through internet browsing. Also, many people are securing employment and businesses have been advertising their offers through the internet (Yurovskiy 3). Such positive roles played by the internet cannot be overlooked. On the other hand, there are reasons to condemn the use of the internet. First, some of the information shared across internet platforms is against privacy rights of other people. For example, people use it to share hate messages and probably insult others. Another problem associated with the internet is its ability to addict and diverse attention of the user due to emotional attachment to friends thus reducing productivity and commitment to work. In fact, China has come up with treatment facilities for internet addicted people. Through the sharing of illegal content, people especially the children are susceptible to...
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