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Materials in Engineering Systems (Essay Sample)


The task of this sample paper was to research on materials used in Engineering Systems, but mainly majoring on effects of Copper to the Economy, Environment and the Society. The sample paper provides broad explanation on what copper constitutes and its societal issues. It also expounds on not its economic issues, but also its environmental issues.

Materials in Engineering Systems
EASC 2213 2013
PROJECT:Effects of Copper to the Economy, Environment and the Society
RE:Element Copper
Background, Purpose and Authorization
Copper is one of the metals that were discovered in early centuries. It was found in nuggets and certain rocks within the Earth's crust in combination with other elements. Due to its high melting point, the heats of simple kilns easily melt it out of ores. Copper ores have a distinctive color; they are recognized than other types of metals. The combination of copper with other elements such as zinc, tin and nickel leads to formation of very hard alloys that can be of great significance in making weapons and farm tools. The purpose of this analysis is to provide detailed information on the production, transportation and selling of copper. This analysis will also detail on the effects of copper to the environment, society, and economy.
Societal issues of copper
Copper mining is associated greatly with creation of jobs; it creates jobs to miners, transporters and traders. The process also unites people. It also acts as a mean of livelihood for most people that live near the mining grounds. Unfortunately, copper mining management pays little attention to the safety of its workers. Majority of the miners develop respiratory problems as a result of inhaling fumes produced by the copper mines. Some workers also die in the process of mining. For instance, an Indonesian copper miner died few weeks ago in the act mining. Additionally, copper miners are among the worst paid employees in the world.
Copper is a very good conductor of electricity. This makes it...
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