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An Understanding of the Past is Necessary for Solving the Problems of the Present. (Essay Sample)


The instructions were on how an understanding of the past can help in solving future problems. The paper talks about the fact that people learn a lot from their negative encounters with life. They can then use the lessons that they learned to prevent the re-emergence of such problems in future, or learn ways by which they can handle them correctly when the problems face them again. It cites examples to attest this belief.

An Understanding of the Past is Necessary for Solving the Problems of the Present.
There is a lot of information from past life experiences, which can offer solutions to problems that affect individuals in their present lives. Yesteryear encounters can be handy examples of consequences that people may face when they do things that create regrets rather than pride. “An understanding of the past is necessary for solving the problems of the present.” This means that both the negative and positive encounters in life should not be taken as normal occurrences. The experiences can act as integral tools for solving the challenges that may face the individuals in their future times. The statement also implies that no events in life deserve to be ignored because everything happens with reasons (Wolfinger 137).
The Republic of Kenya had never engaged in any form of civil or political war. Her people only knew about peace in all the years that preceded 2007. History was written immediately after the general elections that were conducted in the year 2007, which saw the citizens of the country slaughter each other. The international community had indicated that tension was building up in that country, and called for the implementation of extra security mechanisms for containing any form of violence. The country’s political class took the issue lightly. The incumbent president and his political nemesis had not experienced any serious violence in their careers as politicians. Security concerns were not any news to them, and they were ready to use violence for their personal gains. Some members of the contestants’ camps were reported to have plans for causing chaos when the election results failed to favor their side. The country plunged into a sea of violence after the declaration of the results, which saw the incumbent president r...
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