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Political Science 101 Social Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


In an era of profound dissatisfaction with the two-party system, it continues to endure. Why? How have third-party or independent candidates won political power in American history? How might they do so under our present system?


Two-Party System: A Constitutionalized Threat to True Democracy
Political choices have far-reaching impacts on those who do or do not participate in an election. The decisions legislatures make in their respective political capacities affect all aspects of life – socially, politically, and economically. Accordingly, everyone is bound by political landscape and choices made to that effect. In the United States, however, dualism has held the country at ransom. A plethora of hindrances has proved it difficult for a third party or independent candidate to challenge the candidature of those vying with ticked from the main political parties: Democratic and Republican Parties. The two-party system is firmly rooted in the country’s political system, but it can be broken; and needs to be shattered with immediate effect to democratize U.S. politics truly.
When speaking of the favorable factors for the endurance of the two-party system in America, it becomes impossible to ignore the institutional barriers that keep the third party at bay. Historically, the American political aura has been replete with, among other issues, constitutionalized favoritism and ballot access restraints, as well as presidential debates, all culminating into a formidable barrier impenetrable to a third party or an independent candidate. These impediments are traceable to the intent of the framers of the U.S. Constitution writ large in the manner in which political representation at state and federal levels emphasizes the plurality of the electoral vote. In the same vein, research has shown that simple-majority single-ballot elections that characterize the U.S. political system perpetuate the two-party system (Panzer 7). Moreover, major parties often red-tape independent candidates from the helm of power by denying them media exposure and legitimacy (Pazner 15; Waisbord 20) that comes with attending the televised presidential debate.

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