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What to Do to Protect The Environment from Pollution and Save Water, Soil, and Air (Essay Sample)


The task was about environmental pollution and what can be done to mitigate the degree of pollution to specific resources namely air, water, and soil.


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What to Do to Protect The Environment from Pollution and Save Water, Soil, and Air
Currently, environmental pollution is arguably one of the severest problems plaguing people from virtually all facets of society. The fervent pace of development in multiple sectors of the economy, which is quickly becoming a significant characteristic of nations across the globe, is, to no small extent, the primary enabler of pollution. In the future, it is highly probable that the rate of development will increase further, thereby pointing to the inevitable proliferation of environmental pollution in the coming years. Conventionally, environmental pollution denotes all forms of physical and biological contaminants, which interact with the environment to produce adverse contamination capable of inducing inimical effects on the existing as well as the future flora and fauna. Nevertheless, it is possible to mitigate the negative implications of environmental pollution and ensure the safety of the bio-diversity by implementing several proactive measures.

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