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Immigration Border Crisis in the United States of America Social Essay (Essay Sample)


You are to write a current event paper, approximately 750 words in length, consisting of a summary and analysis of a current event having to do with American government and/or politics. You must cite a minimum of five references (sources) in the paper and include a works cited page at the end of the assignment to provide full bibliographic information for each of the references that was cited in the text of the paper.
The current event paper should have the following elements:
Provide a thorough, but brief, summary of the political issue. An understanding of the issue should be developed by reading the articles uncovered during research for the assignment. The information provided in the summary will lay the foundation for you to react and respond to (analyze) the political issue. Be sure to properly cite within the text (according to MLA style) any information that you obtained from one of your sources. Citations must be provided, even for paraphrased information.
Present your perspective on the political issue. Think critically about the topic discussed in the articles and clearly express your thoughts about it in writing. Consider eight standards for critical thinking (Paul and Elder, 2103): clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, and fairness. Ask questions, such as
How can I validate the accuracy of my statement?
How is this information relevant?
How does my conclusion address the complexities of the issue?
What is another interpretation or viewpoint of the issue?
Does my conclusion follow from the data and/or statements I have provided?


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Immigration Border Crisis in the United States of America
Immigration is a contentious issue in America that continues to raise mixed reactions from various leaders and stakeholders. As of 2006, about three-quarters of all U.S citizens described immigration as a “moderately big or very big national problem (Massey 309). However, over the years, there is an upward trend of the influx of immigrants especially women and unaccompanied children seeking entrance to the U.S from the Northern Triangle of Central America. The issue has attracted the attention of public administrators and policymakers. Particularly, President Donald Trump has initiated stringent measures to enhance border control, and prevent illegal immigrants from gaining entry into America. Nonetheless, given the panic about the impact of the immigrants on the U.S economy as well as human rights concerns, it is important to formulate long-lasting solutions to address immigration. The U.S policymakers and citizens should collectively establish and implement feasible immigration reforms and ensure that only eligible persons are granted access to the country.

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