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Reducing Consumption to Mitigate Climate Change (Essay Sample)


For Paper 2, select one of the three topics below. Select one of the two texts listed, and write an Analysis of that essay. Although your Analysis will focus primarily on the essay you select, you will also be required to read the other as your essay will have a Comparison and Contrast component (see below).
"There is No 'Going Back' - The U.S. Cannot Afford to Lose its Immigrants" by Katarina Wong
"Trump Crackdown on illegal Immigration Succeeding - America Benefits" by Matt Gaetz
National Student Debt
"An Innovative Solution to Nation's Student Debt Crisis" by Todd Young
"Student Loan Forgiveness Would Be a Bailout for Elites" by Kevin Roberts
Climate Change
"Climate Change is Not Going to Kill Us" by Anthony Patrick O'Brien
"We Need to Reduce Consumption to Slow Climate Change" by Nolan Perin
Development of Body Paragraphs:
Use the text/s to provide textual evidence to support your ideas. Do not include researched information.
The first six body paragraphs will consider
Last body paragraph will offer a comparison and contrast between the two texts.
Identify similarities and difference using the above elements as points of comparison.
Select 3 out of the 6 elements to compare and contrast.
The style will be clear and direct (no wordiness or extra “fluff”).
The sentences will vary in length.
The paper will have a minimum of grammar errors.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Reducing Consumption to Mitigate Climate Change
Consumption is the leading contributor to climate change as Nolan Perin highlights. Recent studies reveal that consumption from residential energy and personal transportation account for 38% of all the emissions in the United States, while consumption of goods and services such as water and food are responsible for even more indirect emissions (Boehm, pg. 67). Households consume different forms of energies especially fossil fuels for hot water and space heating, and electricity for appliances and lighting. There has been a steady increase in household consumption worsened by the expansion of the U.S economy as Perin underlines. Nolan Perin agrees that climate change is still an issue but expresses dissatisfaction with the current efforts put to mitigate climate change. Perin argues that leaders should deal with the main source, and form relevant policies to mitigate climate change. Efforts to mitigate climate change need to be directed appropriately to focus on the main cause and put in place practical solutions.
Subject and Occasion
The main subject of Perin’s discussion is consumer or household consumption and mitigation of climate change. Households can actively contribute to the mitigation of climate change through curtailment and efficiency behaviors for direct and indirect emissions of energy. Curtailment behaviors are practices that less utility or service such as switching off lights when not in use and regulating refrigerators to use less energy. Other behaviors aimed at reducing climate change conserving water, avoiding aerosol sprays, and using fuel-efficient. Consumers can constantly employ new approaches to practice new green practices that lead to a significant reduction in their carbon footprints.
Indirect energy consumption from households results from food consumption. Food consumption is the main source of indirect energy, this has been supported by recent studies showing that a significant amount of energy is used in food production. Evidence from recent studies suggests that households have the potential to reduce consumption by reducing direct and indirect use of energy. Therefore, change of behavior is necessary to reduce household consumption and mitigate climate change.
Speaker and Audience
Nolan Perin draws the attention of the audience who are the consumers, to the main cause of climate change. Perin endeavors to make the world understand how consumption contributes to climate change. Scientists have ascertained that households are responsible for climate change, and not until carbon emissions are minimized, there will be irreversible and severe impacts from climate change. Households consume energy both directly and indirectly; direct consumption of energy results from heating and lighting while indirect energy results from transportation, disposal, and production of consumer products.
Nolan Perin begins his discussion quite dissatisfied with how climate change was addressed at the World Economic Forum. Though Laudatory with Greta Thunberg that leaders have failed, he does not agree with the opinion of tasking only leaders to mitigate climate change. Perin hopes that urgent action can be taken as the root course of climate change. Perin all through his discussion emphasizes that climate change needs to be handled more seriously and from a different perspective. The author is disappointed that that media advertisements continue to promote gross consumption and no one is standing up to address the issue (Perin). His tone as he articulates his views portrays impatience. He is concerned with the issue of climate change and longs to see the issue tackled in the right manner.
Perin is concerned that despite the numerous efforts on tackling climate change, leaders globally have not carried out consumer awareness, on the contribution of consumer consumption to global change. Consumers who are well aware of their role in climate change will always seek to change their behavior to reduce household consumption. Besides, Perin is dissatisfied with the fact that numerous adverts promote gross consumption yet this a major cause of climate change (Perin). Perin’s aim to make leaders and stakeholders in climate change mitigation understand the importance of consumers role mitigating climate change through change in consumption habits.
Comparison and Contrast of the Essays
Similarities and Difference
Both O’Brien and Perin in their articles agree that climate change is an issue of concern that should be tackled appropriately. The authors seem to be criticizing scientists for their skewed approach to tackling climate change, and biased research. They agree that the issue with climate change mitigation is not necessarily with the leaders but having the facts right. O’Brien is more decisive in how he argues, as he disregards the research and forecasts done by scientists on climate change, and some of the climate mitigation policies in place. O’Brien is more concerned about the economy rather than tackling Climate Change. According to O’Brien climate change is not a pressing issue that requires urgent attention as put forward by scientists. O’Brien believes that Climate change can be solved through the existing structures. On the other hand, though Perin is also derisive, he is more concerned about climate change and would like to see the right approaches taken to deal with climate change. While Nolan Perin believes that the biggest contributor and barrier to climate change is consumer consumption, O’Brien believes that consumers have nothing to do with the increase in climate change; he instead argues in his article

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