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Goal Setting: The Study Of Human Species, Beliefs And Evolution (Essay Sample)



STUDENT NAME INSTRUCTOR'S NAME COURSE DATE Reflection: goal setting We learn a lot in university, not just in the classroom, but how we fit in this world.When I was in high school, I focused more on what others expected of me, but as a university student, I always paid attention to a career which was best suited for me.As the first year went by, my initial plans started to change to another chapter in my life.After graduation and attaining my degree, I planned to pursue a master's degree, but after one year I found myself up and down looking for a full-time job.I started focusing on practicing what I had acquired in the university. Anthropology is the a study of human species, beliefs and evolution that occurs over time regarding character, social relations, origin theories and environmental aspects.On the other hand, religion refers to the act of belief inculcated over time and passed through generations of the existence of a super being, with whom the power to create and provide life is belongs to him.Humans through their varied religious activities worship with reverence this supreme being. Anthropology of religion is study of religion when related to other social institutions, and it compares religious beliefs and practice across culture.At some time anthropologists believed that some religious practices were more or less same to all cultures.They consider some version sort to define religion. It seems in anthropology that there is always continuity between magic and religion.Religious anthropologist states that every religion is as a result of cultural evolution.Every culture has believe that their way of worship out stands the other. About the course schedule, I look forward to understanding how different cultures see themselves, compare to others and what results when varied cultures interact.My focus on this, is to evaluate the coexistence of people of various backgrounds since the world is becoming a global village and human mobility all over the world is inevitable. My goal of studying this course is to understand how different cultures evolve and their impact on the society.It is evident that cultural beliefs, rites, and practices have changed over time with each generation adopting distinct practices though considered as a metamorphosis of the previous practices.It is also important to note how certain religious activities have...
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