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Argumentative Essay Technology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


the assignment is argumentative essay about the use of technology in teaching and learning in institutions


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Technology facilitates essential and necessary changes that bring about high productivity and should be incorporated in Education. In ancient times, people didn't know about technology. They used old-time methods in their day to day activities. With days passing, though, people have been able to develop new methods to replace the old ones. One of the fields that have engaged Technology is in the education sector. It has been used to support both teaching and learning processes. Digital learning tools like laptops and phones have been increasingly used. It has ensured that there is an expansion in course offerings learning items and also increased experience. It supports learning throughout the hours. It also improves learners' engagement skills. They are motivated; it also ensures a connection between the teacher and the learner through the link to resources and models that personalize learning and builds on self-actualization. This paper will argue that technology should be engaged in both teaching and learning in institutions
Technology is just perfect for the teacher's time management and reduces the cost of learning. Online learning ranges from virtual education, full-time online schools, blended learning, open educational resources, and digital resources. According to Useem, countries are rapidly adopting remote learning to address the education sector crisis and the economy (90).
Prolonged school closures are not only a waste of time but also a loss of capital. It is also a cause, among many others, diminishing economic opportunities. Therefore, countries are in the fast process of preparing a program. This program will ensure that ere is a continuity of learning even when the schools close. Technology plays a vital role in ensuring that children who are not in school acquire Education, which is an essential need in their lives. Remote learning is, therefore, an important measure to reach those in remote areas.

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