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The history and the context of the problem of RFID chips. (Essay Sample)


the history and the context of the problem of RFID chips


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The Problem of RFID Chips
Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) has a rich history than you can ever think. Some quarters contend that the history of RFID can be traced back to the Second World War when the British forces used the early technology to identify enemies’ aircraft based on long-range transponder systems. Although the RFID technology and other related research started as early as the 1920s, 1945 marked the most critical milestone in the development of RFID when a Russian scientist and inventor called Leon Theremin developed a device that could be used for military spying(Sasagawa, 367). Nevertheless, by 60’s, an actual RFID system was developed. The RFID system’s earliest inventions composed of electronic article surveillance (EAS), which was used to secure stores as they could detect any form of theft. Although this RFID system could detect only the presence and absence of something, it remains to be the first and most famous RFID systems to be used commercially (Saab et al., 1847). Later on, in the ’70s, the RFID usage grew, and companies and individuals started using it to track their cars and factory automation. Such developments fueled further development into RFID systems.
In the early 70s, during a technology conference that took place in the United States, it was concluded that there was a lack of interest in the development of electronically enabled vehicle tracking. However, around 1987, Norway started to develop an RFID system that allowed it to collect toll, prompting the United States to follow suit (Noor et al., 73). By 1991, the United States had developed its first highway electronic tolling system that meant vehicles could go at high speed but still find their way in the system. Later on, it was established that the RFID system could also be used in parking lots. While today RFID has become part of our daily lives, the truth is that it is expensive. However, before potential users embark on using the RFID technology, they should under that there are a number of issues associated with it.

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