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Differences between Gaming Computers and Normal PCs (Essay Sample)


this essay paper highlights the key differences between gaming computers and normal PCs. 


Difference between Gaming Computers and Normal PCs
Gaming computers and regular PCs are built to perform the same basic functions, such as browsing the internet, watching movies, listening to music, and doing office and school work. However, gaming computers are equipped with special features that allow them to perform more functions than regular PCs. They are more powerful, have more storage capacity, and are generally more expensive than normal computers. The enhanced features improve their gaming capabilities and digital hyperrealism, which makes gaming in these PCs fun and memorable. There are several key differences between gaming computers and normal PCs.
The first difference is gaming computers have better processors that give them more power and performance than regular computers. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the part responsible for processing functions in a computer (Kottayil). It is made up of several key components that determine a PC’s performance. First, the CPU is made up of several cores in its structure. Cores refer to independent processing units that execute program instructions. More cores reflect better performance. Gaming computers require more cores in their CPU to handle the heavy tasks in gaming. Regular computers generally operate on fewer cores.
The second component of the CPU is the clock speed. This refers to the processing speed of CPU cores measured in Hertz. The faster the clock speed, the quicker the PC in executing tasks. Gaming computers have higher clock speeds than regular computers. Third, CPUs are also made up of the Cache Memory. The Cache Memory refers to CPU’s built-in RAM that temporarily stores data. A higher capacity cache increases processing 

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