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Rail Freight Industry in New York and the Tractive Effort and Train Resistance (Essay Sample)


provide a summary (3 paragraphs) of the Rail Freight Industry in New York using the attached reading material.
Assignment 2: Use HW#2 - Tractive effort reading pdf and answer following: How does Tractive Effort relate to train resistance? (Freight-Brochure.pdf and FreightNYC.pdf) are for first assignmen


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Rail Freight Industry in New York
Transportation is more than the movement of people as it involves the movement of products and services that are needed to sustain the flow of everyday life (New York Metropolitan Transportation Counsil 4). Rail freight moves in and out of New York region every day to facilitate the product and services supply. The volume of products moved by rail freight is 3% of the total volume that gets in and out of New York (New York Metropolitan Transportation Counsil 15). The main products are heavy materials, which can not be carried by trucks that move 91% of the total freight in the region (New York Metropolitan Transportation Counsil 15). The small percentage of freight is due to rail infrastructure and the challenge of operating rail freight within the high-density commuter rail network east of the Hudson 

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