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Mobile and Wireless Networks Security (Essay Sample)


In this article, cutting-edge research and security solutions in wireless and mobile networks are thoroughly examined and analyzed. It begins with a review of fundamental security concepts and principles, which serve as the foundation for comprehending and analyzing security issues, challenges, and solutions. Anyone working in the field of network security, especially those who are just getting started, will find this material incredibly beneficial. The next focus will be on the security concerns and solutions associated with off-the-shelf wireless and mobile technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMax, 2G, and 3G.


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Mobile and wireless networks as well as security have been deliberated as oxymoron; in fact it is difficult to have confidence in systems when it is extremely tranquil to have an access wireless radio platforms that are part of communication media. Community research of the industry has been highlighted for several decades to have extended from wired security protocols and mechanisms to sustain the connubial between wireless and mobile networks as well as security. It should be acknowledged that the rapid growth has emerged not only with different services but also on mobile services. For these reasons safeguarding wireless and mobile communication channel is vital for the progression and placement of services over the network.
Mobile and wireless in the last century have experience an exponential growth with communication market in cooperation of general and specialized usage. As a matter of fact communication services are experienced anywhere and anytime connecting people globally. The evolution of communication technology has not only transformed from wired to wireless and then mobile expertise, but also the diminishment of terminals. The offering services experience today by users has significantly improved the productivity in terms of flexibility. However, the world cannot disregard the existence of essential defenselessness that comes alongside these communication schemes, which stretches the channels security disciplines ("Five Wireless Threats You May Not Know", 2019). This is a major role of convincing and enhancing user trust as the wireless communication platforms are efficient when they align to the security mechanisms.
The available security platforms have evolved over time where encryption, authentications as well as access control among others are improved due to user demand. Some security devices and platforms are more mature that others considering the fact that some developed earlier for example the sensor and hoc networks Due to the fact that technology is evolving at a lightning speed, maturity of a platform does not guarantee total security. For this reason the security mechanisms have to be screened, updated and improved to keep up with the emerging potential treats. Thus it is essential to contemplate the limited radio and resources and the mobile terminals so that they can adopt from wired networks securities to wireless mechanisms.
From the above survey information it is clearly that the current evolving wireless and mobile communications coming from the mobile cellular devices and platforms such as the 2G, 3G, 4G and the IEEE wireless communications such as Bluetooth, WiMobile, Wi-Fi, WiRan and Wimax as well as the IP based mobility communication that include the IMS and Mobile IP ACM WiSec 2019 -- Miami FL, USA |. (2019). Although their security mechanisms are not very effective and needs to be improved, their deployment is already effective and has been widely accepted. Due to the growing need from users the platforms are seen to be flexible, mobile and service oriented. For these reasons the industry continues to research designing technologies that are more mobile as well as providing subsequent infrastructural technologies which are encrypted with more resources and advanced securities. The mobile and wireless industry offers an up to date state on existing security solutions that a prototype market needs.
The emergence of the networking era has adopted network security as a neutral and standalone player where distributed operating systems that deal with machine and network access control, confidentiality as well as authorization. Even though the network and mobile network security context has enormously changed it protocols the sector is still facing the same issues and challenges on the subject of security. In addition, other security issues that relate to users such as anonymity and privacy stands as a day today point of view that need a consistent approach to track criminals
In today’s world almost essentially everything has transformed, the financial industries have also kept up with the consistent technology where wireless money transactions have taken the docket. The evolution of trade that has seen ecommerce thrive through the ages has been made possible due to security entrustment that has also grown up to time. For people to do business virtually there must be trust between the two entities and the channel used. For this reason the security docket which is practically a free entity that runs through all platforms and ensures trust and perfect customer relation. The transformation has been fostered by the evolution online payment which a major factor of trade. Financial industries have to some extent been hesitant to the adaptation of major changes in the realm. Its evolution started some years ago with the introduction of credit cards which stands as a means of pay for goods or services without handing cash in hand. Thus the financial industry has been forced to evolve and align with the changing times. Since the introduction of credit cards as a payment channel the advancement of payments continues to move at a speed of lighting. However, new technologies come with their concerns such as data security ("ACM WiSec 2019 -- Miami FL, USA |", 2019). With the introduction of chip cards that store data on integrated circuits and the EMV cards, they revolutionized the security of payments not only in the US but worldwide ("Definition of E-COMMERCE", 2019).
Security measures have been strengthened from the materialization of ecommerce which uses wireless and mobile technologies. As consumers are rapidly opting doing business through mobile technologies due to its ease of use financial transaction platforms such as PayPal have emerged to win market shares due to their security mechanisms incorporation. As a result, payment commonplaces have emerged including payment apps, e-wallet and mobile shopping; their adaptation is growing and changing immensely. The year 2017 alone reported mobile commerce though smartphones represented more than half of all retail sales in the United States while the world at large is forecasted to hold a market share of 16 percent and transact over $2.5 trillion by 2021 ("Ecommerce", 2019). Such data compels the financial industries to develop innovative strategies I order stay competitive as well as stay ahead of the market without forgetting to protect customer’s sensitive information. According to earlier smart cards invites security breaches and c

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