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Social Media for Business Promotion (Essay Sample)


This paper was illuminating how social media networks could be used to promote business premises. Indubitably, competition becomes stiffer as days go by. therefore, business ventures need to come up strategies to ensure that they have thrived through competition as they try to edge competitors out of business. Consequently, as the samples shows, social media plays a pivotal role in such undertakings.


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Using Social Media for Business Promotion
People start business ventures by pointing out and filling a market gap. In turn, the owners make profits. However, business owners constantly seek to maximize their profits. The only way to attain this is by selling their services to as many consumers as possible. For a venture to get more and more customers, the owners strive by extending the network. Social media plays a pivotal role in the extension of the said network.
Social media platforms help business owners to promote those businesses by creating awareness to more potential customers (Ristova and Tanja). Again, it gives a platform to the business people to explain their goods and services to the consumers. It also helps a venture create and maintain a stronger relationship with the consumers (Ristova and Tanja). Talking with customers and potential ones is more accessible while using social media compared to walking on foot to where they are to build a rapport (Ristova and Tanja). Such platforms are like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to mention but a few. This phenomenon plays a critical role in the success of the business (Eriana et al. 7).
Unarguably, even small businesses have the platform to create themselves an ideal name. Sometimes back, such a platform was for only the big ventures. That notion is there no more (Eriana et al. 9). The only aspect of ensuring that a business venture thrives in a competitive environment is to maintain the quality of products and time.
In conclusion, social media has been transforming business like never before. As companies seek to reach out to more consumers and maximize profits, they have embraced social media platforms to attain this. B

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