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The Use of Technology in Schools During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic (Essay Sample)


the task was to discuss a case of how technology can be used during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to support education. The work had to be completed in three hours. the essay sought to test the writer's interpretation of the topic, research skills, paper formatting, correct citation, referencing works, formatting an essay in mla style, developing a thesis statement, articulating arguments, adherence to the required word count, time management, and concluding an essay.


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How can we use Technology in Schools During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic?
The Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has created new perspectives on how technology can be used today. The disease struck in an era when the world fancied scientific innovation as the solution to critical issues facing humanity. Given the ongoing containment measures, physical class lessons have become impossible due to social distancing policies. To this end, technology has become an integral tool for ensuring continuity of learning. School administrators can use technologies such as online portals to support virtual learning while simultaneously tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.
Technology provides web-based functions that support online learning. Mertel argues that schools can create portals for their students to continue learning despite the ongoing global pandemic (476). When this is achieved, classwork can be administered virtually; students can access learning materials and communicate seamlessly with their tutors (Dangwal & Deeksha 389). For instance, when COVID-19 disease struck, Ashford University shifted to online learning through portals in compliance with the government directive for minimal physical interactions. As a result, the college continued offering education services safely despite the existence of the pandemic (Krause & Sarah 10). Generally, this evidence proves that technology can be used to ensure continuity of safe learning amid the ongoing Coronavirus disease.
In conclusion, schools can utilize technology to ensure progress in learning during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Web-based tools like portals can help students learn while maintaining the necessary social distance. Ashford University uses online portals to administer courses remotely. Through these platforms, tutors and students can communicate, share classes materials, and access support virtually without the risk of contracting the deadly Coronav

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