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Technology and Student Performance Technology Essay (Essay Sample)


how does Technology affect a Student Performance. this sample discusses the effects of technology to the performance of a student.


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Technology and Student Performance
Technology, in general, is the system, method or forms of devices that result from scientific know-how and inventions, and are often used practically. In application, technology is used to solve problems and also in the creation of new systems and equipment. A technology device is an instrument that, with the enablement of technology, performs specific tasks, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and iPad. Technology has become an integral part of the learning environment in this era. It has been argued to be a significant contributing factor to improved grades in the overall student performance in most schools. In this essay, I will discuss how the use of technological devices by teachers improve student performance, and will also highlight the downside of the same.
The use of technological devices by teachers increase student engagement in the classroom. Technology is a fascinating thing. As such, when it is integrated with the students' studies and lessons, their interest in particular subjects is bound to increase (Alqahtani 105). Technologically enabled devices have the power to make learning fun and enjoyable, and this aspect presents the teachers with new ways of teaching their students new stuff. For instance, a teacher can teach a subject through online or offline video games, and seeing ad-games are more fun, and most students will be interested to learn. Also, learning through fun ways makes the subject not only comfortable but also more memorable, and when it comes to tests, they attend to them with ease.
Student learning through the use of technological devices has a higher chance of retaining knowledge for much longer. The secret to academic performance can retain knowledge for the examination (Unser, 2017). When teachers impact their lessons through technology devices, they are encouraged to participate actively in the lessons. When a student is actively participating in class, they retain more knowledge and are bound to perform well in their papers. This also encourages the opportunity to try different forms of technological teaching devices to weigh which ones settle with particular students better, unlike in a situation where they learn through the traditional means.
The teachers’ use of technology devices has come to encourage individual learning. How so? Different students are equipped with distinct abilities and interests, as well as learning styles and speed (Newton 520). With a device or devices that are technologically enabled, a teacher is presented with the opportunity to move with every student’s specific speed. This aspect is also made more comfortable with the use of the internet, and the ability to skip ahead or rewind in case someone did not understand something. Then again, this aspect of the devices enables engagement between students and tutors, bettering their performance chances.

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