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Technology Assignment: Does Technology Make Us More Alone? (Essay Sample)


Write an essay answering the question, does technology makes us more alone? The essay should be 2 pages and 2 credible sources.

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Does Technology Make Us More Alone?
In this generation, it is close to impossible to do anything without the use of technology. One would communicate to individuals, that are far away, manage bank accounts, pay monthly expenses while in miles away. However, this use of technology is reducing individual-to-individual relations with each other. A research is done and published in the New York Times written by an author of the book “Technology Today”, summed up the difficulty of the modern cohort by saying that, "Individuals in this era are alone. There are several new means of communicating, however, we are alone." (Franzen and Axel 430)
Instead of coming together with somebody personally and meeting them more times, individuals have a tendency of calling them or using cell phones to chat with folks. Due to the technology, it is making people more alone since one is always on the cell phones and other types of technology that are around. When individuals use technology continually, it makes it tougher for one to intermingle with folks in real life. The more time one spends on the cell phone and television the more difficult it may be for one to intermingle and converse with other people. When one begins to get too fanatical to the technology, one begins to equate his or her life with the lives of others. A study has revealed that individuals who have many friends have a tendency to be contented, in good health and they live more than the ones who do not have many friends in actual life. A study showed that being alone is even more risky to one's well-being than even being overweight. Solitude could increase the possibility of dying by 30%. According to the New York Times, "Latest study shows that this might be the next major public health problem as it is with the overweight and drug abuse." (Marche and Stephen 65)
Technology is good when one uses it properly with a certain perimeters. When one does it too much, it could tear one’s life apart if someone becomes too involved in it. People tend to be more focused on talking to other people who are thousands miles away rather than individuals who are right next to them. Several people have built affairs on the internet and for a while, they may not feel lonely, but over time, they may feel upset since they cannot intermingle with the other individual in person. Someone scrolls through the Facebook in silence when one is in the car with the family. One text the friend rather than meeting them face to face. It is easier for someone to make friends virtually than in actual life. This indicates how involved people are to technology in the modern world (Shirky and Clay 56)...
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