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Methods Used By Organizations To Prevent Misuse Of Information (Essay Sample)


Research the Internet for methods used by organizations to prevent misuse of information and write an essay (250 words) on your research

Information systems
Research the Internet for methods used by organizations to prevent misuse of information and write an essay (250 words) on your research.
Information is a crucial instrument in any organization and hence its confidentiality is paramount. A good situation where misuse of information system has occurred is Cambridge Analytica organization that has been accused of manipulating voter data in Brexit campaigns in the United Kingdom (Siponen et al, 300). This discussion focuses on the methods that organizations use to avoid misuse of information.
User training is one of the most popular mechanisms that many organizations have embraced to curb misuse of information. When a user in the organization has the know how to operate on the data, then chances of misappropriation of the data are low. In the case of Cambridge Analytica, the executives disclosed sensitive information to other staff of the organization leading to manipulation of information.
Moreover, securing information systems is among those methods that organizations feel attractive to avoid misuse of information (Ahmad et al, 20). For instance, databases which contain information of a company are secured with passwords such that end users can only login to the sections entitled to them. It remains questionable how staff in the analytics group access data from the information systems of the organization. Maybe the information systems have not been secured as the case is still under investigation.
Furthermore, many organizations create a centrally managed information systems to deal with misuse of information. For example, the management of the information systems can be able to track any weird activities occurring to the stored information precipitated by the executives, operation systems, technical support persons or other parties within the organization (Sommestad, et al, 16).
In conclusion, organizations can train their users, secure t...
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