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Compare Modern Technology Versus Written Materials (Essay Sample)


This essay aims at predicting the fate of written materials in the wake of modern technology.


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Modern Technology versus Written Materials
Evidently, if one needs to know something in current times, it is imperative that they analyze and read more information regarding it. Precisely, there are two main sources of information in current times: the Modern technology such as the internet and written materials like books. The rate at which the modern technology is developing and the speed at which one can access information using it gives that platform an unfair advantage over the written materials. This leads to the arguable question: “Will modern technology, such as the Internet ever replace the book or the written word as the main source of information?”
Drawbacks of Modern Technology
For many decades, books and other written materials were used to keep records and were referred to whenever information written in them was required. These books are however, being replaced by their soft copies which are electronically generated and are easier to access and

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