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Year 2000 Its Impact And How It Will Affect The World (Essay Sample)


the essay is about technologies invented after the year 2000 its impact and how it will affect the world around us.

Final project
The beginning of the 21st century brought with it several new technological inventions. It is in this age that socio-media has been extensively revolutionized by the emerging of sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked in, and Snapchat. Besides, the improvement of web browsing to internet web 2.0 made it even easier to use these websites since it allows for easy and faster surfing the internet (Al-Deen, 52). This essay seeks to focus on Facebook as a technology invented after 2000. Over the next ten years, the invention is likely to have the most impact, and the essay aims revealing how it will influence us personally and the world around us.
Facebook is a socio-media website that was invented by Mark Zuckerberg and his team in 2004. It was designed to help connect with friends and family that are not within range. Besides, it would help meet new friends over the internet thus increasing an individual’s range of personal and virtual friends. Users of the site create their profiles indicating their personal information, their interests, and hobbies. They can also share their ideas by posting on their Facebook pages or by using the direct messaging feature provided by the site (Mesch, 100). Over the years, the number of Facebook users has been on a constant rise with most of them being young people of the ages between 13years and 27years. By 2009, adults of over the age of 40 became more aware of the site hence joining it. Consequently, the millennial generation opted for other upcoming sites such as Instagram and Snapchat. Nevertheless, Facebook continues to be a dominating socio-media site and will be a significant influence on people over the next coming years.
Firstly, the essay will focus on how Facebook has influenced the life around us. The site has created a global village where people from all walks of life interact and share ideas. In the previous years, few sites had the extensive reach and influence of people as Facebook does. Hence, it was tough to connect with individuals from all over the world. Personal relationships have been built on Facebook some even leading to marriages. Over the next ten years, Facebook will continue to be a major platform where individuals can reveal their innermost thoughts to the world hence helping to boost their personalities and create more self-confidence in them (Mesch, 98). Moreover, the site will continue to help people communicate faster and give opinions on pressing public topics.
The site will revolutionize the corporate world due to its vast marketing potential. The ability of the site to reach billions of people over a short time makes it possible for advertisements to get to a wider scale of targeted and potential customers of various products and services. Many organizations have realized this fact and are subscribing to Facebook advertising services. Of course, this implies that Facebook stands to make millions of shilling for offering this service. It also provides a tremendous self-employment potential to tech-savvy individuals can create and manage the internet advertisements.
There is a rising trend that many mass media organizations are incorporating the use of Facebook to disseminate their news (Tsikerdekis & Zeadally, 74). They have created their pages on the site where they post breaking news after each minute they emerge. This is due to the realization that individuals will not always be tuned to their television sets or radios to listen to the news as they develop. However, they are always browsing their socio-media sites, especially Facebook. As a result, they will manage to read the news that was released sometime before.
It is also prudent to realize that the influence of Facebook over the next years could also have an adverse impact on the world around us. Cases of dissemination of false information over Facebook have been on the rise. If not tackled, the trend is likely to facilitate the creation of bad relations between people, organizations, and countries (Tsikerdekis & Zeadally, 78). The consequence of such relations would be increased feuds, political instability and incitement into chaos and riots. The impact of misinformation has previously been known to lead to civil wars in countries and also incite terrorism among nations. However, appropriate preventive measures for the vice have recently been brought forward. For instance, Facebook has recently introduced a fake news filter that assesses all the news posted on the website to determine whether it is real or fake.
Cyber on Facebook has thrived and will continue thriving on the site in the next coming years since it is impossible to control what information is shared by its users. There are many forms of cyberbullying ranging from sexual harassment, stalking, discrimination and racism. Such vices have increased the number of teenage suicides since they lower a person’s self-esteem significantly (Mesch, 104). As much as the site tries to put up measures to curb cyber bullying, it is advisable that individuals take a personal initiative to report all such cases; otherwise, the vice will ruin the lives of many young people in the coming future.
Also, in ten years’ time, Facebook will have a tremendous impact on the career development of young people today. This could be attributed to the vast quantity of personal information that they post on the site. In most cases, such information is too private and inappropriate and is likely to create a bad reflection on an individual’s personality. In today’s corporate world, organizations are using sites such as Facebook to run background checks during their recruitment process (Perse, et al., 74). Therefore, it is highly likely that the offensive comment or picture a person posted a few years back and forgot about would cost them a potential job opportunity.
On the other hand, the essay will address the influence that Facebook will have on my family and me in the next ten years. The site is an excellent platform when it comes to staying in touch with family and friends. This is because it has become accessible even among the old generation and also its ease of accessibility due to the increased use of smartphones. The website will help in reaching family and friends, organizing for family get-togethers and sharing of family photos. It will also be a good place to meet new people from all walks of life. Facebook will also help us have visual memories of where we were ten years ago and how our lives have changed since then (P...
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