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Does Tourism Benefit a Country? (Essay Sample)


This task is writing an essay paper on the subject of tourism using MLA referencing format

Does Tourism Benefit a Country?
Many countries, organizations, individuals among other stakeholders term tourism as a big business. This notwithstanding, there are numerous hidden costs that are attached to tourism and as thus, on may wonder whether tourism is always beneficial to any country in any part of the world. Year in year out¸ vast numbers of people do travel from their countries to other countries for vacations thus end up spending much money. This is what ends up being termed to as tourism and the same is in the offing of creating jobs and resultantly improving their livelihoods. On the other hand, this same tourism can bring about problems in an equal measure. This essay gears towards describing some of the effects of tourism and why tourism ought to be regarded as beneficial.
Among the leading advantages of tourism to any country is the creation of jobs. Through tourism, work becomes available in restaurants hotels, taxis, travel businesses and entertainment center resorts among other places and sectors serving tourists. Additionally, it leads to the generation of indirect employment via other industries such as food production, agriculture and retail. The expenditure by the visitors also injects income to the local community thus contributing greatly in the alleviation of poverty in the host countries (Graham et al. 79). Secondly, tourism births cultural diversification. Both the locals and the tourisms get to share their culture, religion and tradition. In addition, tourism comes with environmental benefits. This is through the provision of financial support aimed at the conservation of natural resources as well as the ecosystem (Sharply and Tefler 86).
Nevertheless, there are those problems which are linked with tourism. Some of these being the unreliability nature of income from this sector and more in those countries characterized with polit...
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