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Renaissance Art and Baroque Art Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


select an example of Renaissance Art and Baroque Art and give a 400 words analysis.


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Renaissance Art and Baroque Art
The Renaissance Art and Baroque Art is a major focus of Art, defined as stabilization and drama. Distinctively, the two art styles are contracting on light effects, the orientation of art lines, the position of figures on the foreground, and eternity of action. The use of "School of Athens" and "Madonna and a child" exemplifies the differential use of the features in the Art.
395287583820“Madonna with a child” by Guido Reni(1600 - 1601)0“Madonna with a child” by Guido Reni(1600 - 1601)
“School Athens” by Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (Raphael)
(1509 to 1511)
Two images, "School of Athens" and "Madonna with a child," represent Renaissance Art and Baroque Art. The Art showcases a number of contrasting features that gives the painting an identity. Foremost. Madonna with a child is much focused on diagonals. The angel near vertical to Mary's head creates a diagonal line which adjoins the Josephs's head. More so, John's eyes are transfixed diagonally, forming a diagonal line with Jesus's head and Mary's neck. While the Art on "School of Athens" emphasizes the horizontal and vertical lines, pillars stand vertically, fixing the curvilinear shapes to stability.

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