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Evaluating the Components Used in DNA Separation (Essay Sample)


This paper was a biology virtual lab that required viewing a video which demonstrated how the experiment is performed, then answering the Lab questions.
After performing the activity, the student was expected to know what gele electrophoresis is and how it is performed. The questions would help the instructor to evaluate the student's knowledge.
1 Open the link below and complete gel electrophoresis virtual lab. Make sure that you have Flash Player plug-in (downloadable). You need to open and complete the lab in both links
2 After completing virtual lab, provide answers to the following questions and upload your worksheet on canvas under “Gel electrophoresis virtual lab”. You may refer to course textbook or additional materials to get detail and complete answers to your questions.
1 What is the function of these following components used in the separation of DNA?


Name _______SURA ALDULAIMI ___Date ____26th june 2021___
Gel Electrophoresis Virtual Lab
This is an interactive gel electrophoresis lab that includes links to DNA in forensic science, how to make your own electrophoresis chamber, and ways to make the DNA colorful.
1 What is the function of these following components used in the separation of DNA?
* Agarose:
Agarose is the gelling agent, and the main component used in making the agarose gel. It is mixed with a buffer and melted in a microwave, this way the gel used to separate the DNA strands is made.
* Electrophoresis buffer (1XTAE):
The electrophoresis buffer is required for the passage of the electric current in gel electrophoresis. The buffer has ions which carry the current.
2 The electrophoresis gel box generates an electrical field with positive and negative poles at the ends of the gel. Do DNA particles travel toward the positively or negatively charged electrodes? Explain why
DNA travels towards the positively charged electrode. This occurs because the negatively charged electrode creates negative charges that repel DNA, as it is negatively charged too. Due to the repulsion, the DNA moves to the positively charged electrode.
3 What size fragments (large or small) would you expect to move through the agarose gel matrix most quickly? Explain why
The small fragments move fast

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