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Role of Antigens and Antibodies in Blood Typing and Blood Transfusions (Essay Sample)


This was a general essay to answer the question what is the role of antigens and antibodies in blood Transfusions and types.
This is a general essay to answer the question based on my knowledge , that's why I haven't mentioned any source or DOCUMENTed it any formating style.
This essay may contain some grammatical mistakes, as I haven't reviewed it perfectly, because this is my first drought to answer the question.
Finally I ensure that I know citation styles, and I am able to conduct a good research from valid sources to answer academic papers.


The Role of Antigens and Antibodies in Blood Typing and Blood Transfusions
Blood is specialized body fluid ( a connective tissue) composed of a liquid called plasma and blood cells. Blood is categorized into 8 groups, A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, and O- . Every person owns a blood group, which is inherited from parents. The type of blood group a person may have depends upon the presence or absence of specific antigens in the red blood cells.
Antigens and Their Role in Blood Typing
Generally, the antigen is defined as a specific protein present in red blood cells. An antigen is a molecule that can stimulate an immune response ( antibody production ) in blood.
Blood groups are classified into eight different types based on the antigens present in them. There are three types of antigens, antigen A, antigen B, and Rh factor ( first discovered in Rhesus monkey). A person with antigen A has blood group A, a person with antigen B has blood group B and a person with both antigens A and B has blood group AB. A person lacking any antigen falls in blood group O.
The third antigen Rh factor determines the positive (+ve) and negative (-ve) groups of blood. If Rh factor is present in red 

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