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Crowd Controll: Crushing And Possible Death (Essay Sample)


its abount crowd controll

Management of the crowd is a critical factor in significant events like the Las Fallas. Poor crowd management can lead to injury, crushing and possible death. For example, the Hillsborough Disaster resulted in several deaths with scores getting injured. In this research, it was unsurprising to find out that 19. 05 percent agree there were injuries. The presence of injuries in such events is expected, and the event organisers are expected to put in place adequate measures to ensure the safety of everyone is guaranteed. The major problem is that most of the event organisers underestimate the number of individuals attending the events resulting in a surge of the participants through the safety barriers.
Crowd supervision needs good teamwork from all the stakeholders including the police, event organisers, stewards and even the crowd. Effective teamwork during these events depends on the ability of the management to provide a positive environment for the implementation of various safety measures. Everyone needs to be aware of the importance of crowd safety. The roles and responsibility of everyone need to be clear so that there is no conflict of interest. It was noted that although there were police officers, the number was small. This is because the majority of the people felt that in future the number of police officers needs to be increased to boost their presence during the event. Increasing the number of the officers will make more people fee; secure during the event and in future increase the attendance. The presence of the police is vital in keeping the crowd as relaxed as possible. Even those who are afraid to attend an event with safety concerns will attend when assured of the presence of police officers.
Today, it is increasingly clear that the primary factor in organising an event of high calibre like the Las Fallas event is ensuring that the participants are provided with a calm and secure environment. Good event planning demands a significant amount of planning, organising and evaluation of the proceedings. In this case, planning is a future-oriented activity where the organisers set various safety goals and put in place to attain those goals. For this reason, the crowd management team needs to consider all the elements. First aid is an essential component in huge crowds. Because casualties are expected in such a gathering, it is essential for the planners to ensure there are adequate first aid units to deal with any injuries that may occur during the event. It is unfortunate that. 38.10 percent indicated that they were not there at all. First aid services are, and it is expected that in such an event, everyone should indicate that the units were there in plenty. This is a failure on the part of the event planners.
As noted by Davis et al. (2014), to have a practical blueprint on how to run the event, facility management team should be aware of the characteristics of the audience attending the events. There are those events that would inevitably attract more males than females while others will have more women than men. An event with more male is likely to face destruction and activities that might injure the participants than a place where the majority are male. Davis et al. (2014) argue that dealing with a population of men is more difficult than women. In this research, it was found out that majority of the people are male and this reinstates the importance of crowd management. Further, most of the individuals who attend these events are youths. Understanding these demographics can help the organisers plan for the safety of the crowd more effectively and efficiently. The sociology of the participants is an essential aspect of safety management. Sociology is concerned with the way people interact and develop relationships in social gatherings such as the Las Fallas event. Crowd involving youths like the Las Fallas 2018 is susceptible to peer influence, and can easily cause disturbances that may result in injuries.
Positive experiences during events are vital for future attendance. As noted by Pons et al. (2015), although high-density situations like the Las Fallas contribute to a negative experience for some of the participants, there is also a positive experience. Health and security of the participants...
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