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Handyman Services Creative Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


This is a creative writing for a website content. its describes the reason why established construction firms need to have a handyman service section

P560. Does Handyman’s Work Keep Getting Handy?
Many entrepreneurs in construction and remodeling industry will readily agree that the handyman’s segments of their establishment are never idle. In fact, most have reported consistent profit stream. What’s making the handyman services so lucrative? And how do you exploit the opportunities it creates without sacrificing your core business?
The answers to these questions may depend on various factors. While the benefits accruing from handyman services are sometimes not quantifiable financially, their handling may make the difference between downsizing and expanding your business. Here are some of the benefits and dangers of relying so much on this segment for growth:
For the evaluation, we should start with the good deals:
• Marketing gimmick: The most significant advantage of following on handyman services for all your clients is to keep in touch. Small fittings are a headache and time wasters. But partaking a seemingly insignificant repair may result in the satisfied client awarding you a significant contract in future. Many contractors contend that they get favourably considered by the past clients to whom they did minor repair favour when they were dead stuck. Understandably, it is human nature that when you repair someone’s leaking tap in the middle of the night, he will remember you when he needs to expand his residence.
• Easy to implement: Another reason why you need diversify your business into handyman services is its establishment ease. You do not require any training, license, and approval to run this section. All you need is a little funding, a reliable 24/7 contact and a couple of talented workers. It’s a smooth revenue stream and keeps the staff busy, even during the period of economic downturn.
• Niche: You are already recognized as say, an electrical contractor, by your clients. It would, therefore, not be hard for you to undertake the numerous faulty bulb fittings and fuse replacements. You already have the technical knowledge and qualified staff to do the repairs. Most of the multiple handyman services take less than an hour to fix. It implies that one worker could comfortably work in five places in a day. If these odd repairs are cumulated together for a day, they bring significantly higher income than say, that from the construction day-works.
Notwithstanding the opportunities the service brings, there are also significant risks you must mitigate against to flourish in this segment.
• Get organised: Handyman services tend to be emergencies in nature. Callers want their problems resolved there and t...
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