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What Do People In The Petroleum Institute Know About Global Climate Change? (Essay Sample)


The task was to write about climate change as discussed in the resources shared by the client.
This sample dmonstrates my ability to go an extra mile to meet customer needs even when they make a request out of the ordinary. This client requested a paper in iec format and I delivered exactly that.

What do people in The Petroleum Institute know about global climate change?
Literature Review:
Our literature review seeks to have an understanding of the amount and type of information that the Petroleum Institute has in regard to global climate change. The literature review will specifically focus on available information in regard to four climate change themes namely; causes of climate change, its impact on human health, solutions and public views on climate change.
Causes of Climate Change
Recent emission of greenhouse gases has been the highest in human history, which is a clear pointer that human activities have an influence on climate change [1]. Greenhouse gases such as carbon II oxide and methane have been gradually accumulating in the atmosphere as a result of an increase in industrial activity and human population. These gases lead to an increase in the temperatures on the earth’s surface which is referred to as global warming. Biello and Melisa [2, 3] also agree that climate change is mainly caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Climate change can occur as a result of natural changes over thousands of years [4]. The article gives an analysis on how permanent changes in weather patterns can lead to climate change as it happened with the case of Sahara desert which was inhabited thousands of years ago. The rate at which climate change is happening in the modern days is what raises concern.
Impact of Climate Change on Human Health
The effect of climate change on human health comes as a result of the changes that the climate change has on the disease vectors [5]. The researchers found out that climate change affects the life cycle of the disease pathogens in regard to their development, survival, and interaction with humans. Climate change makes it difficult to predict the impact of disease pathogens on humans due to the shift in several climate variables that come with climate change [5]. The study [6] explores the effect of climate change on costs associated with diseases such as malaria and the impact that rise in these costs will have on the achievement of MDGs. The analysis found out that there are inadequate studies that measure the estimated rise in health costs. Currently, the MDGs are already short of the set budget and continued change in climate will further make the achievement of MDGs more difficult due to an increase in the costs required to address diseases.
Solutions for Climate Change
Among the solutions that can help mitigate climate change include foregoing fossil fuels, upgrading infrastructure to more modern structures that are environment-friendly, reduce the need for transportation, consume less, eliminate the need to cut trees and investing in renewable future energy [2]. Though the impact of one individual may be negligible in trying to reverse climate change, the authors of the article argue that a combination of efforts by nations and individuals will significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to safe levels. Melissa [3] also offers simple acts that individuals can take towards stopping global warming. She starts with encouraging people to speak to their families and friends about global warming and how to make wise decisions that do not worsen the situation. Though the suggestions by Melissa are simply phrased, they are largely similar to the suggestions given by Biello. For example, when Melisa writes about maintaining a ride, she has the same meaning with reducing the need for transportation. IPCC [1] summarizes these steps by recommending adoption of sustainable development.
Public Views on Climate Change
In a survey conducted by Bostrom [7], it was found out that the lay people had varying misconceptions on the causes and effects of climate change. Among the misconceptions that the respondents gave were; climate change is caused by an increase in ultraviolet rays into the earth’s atmosphere and that greenhouse effect is a phenomenon that leads to steaming of the earth. The respondents also lacked knowledge on the extent that each of the causes of global warming has on the climate change. Also in an effort to understand public views on climate change Lorenzoni [8], conducted a review of the major studies that pointed out to public views in the EU and the US on climate change. The analysis found out that there was a large similarity on public opinion on climate change from across the US and the EU. First, there is high-level awareness of climate change but the public attaches more importance to personal affairs than climate change. Just like Bostrom found out, however, there is a low level of understanding of the causes and solutions to climate change. In both the studies also, the public acknowledges the risks associated with climate change and their willingness to take co...
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