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A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings and My Singular Irene (Essay Sample)


Analysis of the story: A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings and My Singular Irene.


Analysis: A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings and My Singular Irene.
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The story by Marquez (n.d.), about the old man with wings gives detailed information on various themes in that society. In addition, the story on singular Irene by Almanzar (2001) revolves around a number of themes and issues which shall be discussed in detail.
Modern repression
In the very old man with wings, the repressive nature of this society is portrayed by the interference the two couples give their new found angel. While they go against the advice of their knowledgeable neighbor woman, they imprison the old man in their chicken coop. Elisenda “got the idea of fencing in the yard and charging five cents admission to see the angel.” By doing so, they limit his powers to fly, a symbolized by the wings, for their own gains. Additionally, those who came to see the “imprisoned angel” also treated him with cruelty just to see the old many react. The spider woman also represents modern repression where a majority of the villagers came to test their own beliefs and to find out if the old man could really perform miracles. They then turn to the spider woman when they realize that the old many can only perform minor miracles.
On the other hand, in the story of my singular Irene, the repressive nature of society is depicted by how Charlie, her husband, treats her. Her life is filled with untold misery and challenges which they struggle to overcome. Charlie has kept Irene in her cocoon for many years and tries to control her life by limiting her freedom. Her lack of freedom is evidenced by the author’s constant use of restrictive words such as `allow, `permit, demand, `forgive ' and `forbid (Almanzar, 2001).
(2) Triumph over repression
In the very old man with wings, the main characters Pelayo and Elisenda are two couples who from the surrounding in their homestead signal their low standards of living. The society in which they live does not seem to offer a solution to the struggles of the members. When Pelayo and Elisenda see an opportunity to overcome their poverty, they seize it without regard to the cruelty towards the old man. In deed they become rich for “in less than a week they had crammed t...
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